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Most applications transfer files only, they can't transfer directories (dir). This class transfer files and directories! from the curent dir back into the current dir.
January 17th 2009   6k
Encryption Program
It encrypts any input you give it which can only be decrypted by somebody with the appropriate program and password you used
April 28th 2008   2k
Employee database
This code can save the employee data,read that data and sending that data to client with a chat connection.After download this source,please vote for me.
October 11th 2007   98k
Bookmarklet: Save Image As
Provides ability to "Save Image As..." without the usual "right clcik, select Save..." image-by-image! Just click on it, and click save for each image :) Can be integrated in any aplication to present the "Save Image" dialog box to users.
March 30th 2006   2k
DB File writer
DB File Writer will get an input from a input.txt file containing results from DB SELECT query and modify the file to have INSERT commands with the values of input.txt and write it to output.txt file.

March 30th 2006   5k
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