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Student Registration System
This program is what i have to created on a College Class for Univeristy of Nebraska for my first semester in Java Class. This works as a registration system and a student information.
July 31st 2010   1,255k
Windows Password Tester
This a password field validation code using Javascript Regular Expressions. It test to esure that a password meets the so-called Complex Password required in Windows and other OS. It helps the user to test a desired password against criteria such ...
August 18th 2009   1k
Enter keys instead of Tab Keys
Feel painless with inputing data at your HTML form ?? this script let you use enter keys instead of tab keys. as default HTML form used tab keys to change between one form element (such us input box) to another ...
July 14th 2008   1k
Check Fiscal Code 1.0 (ITALIAN)
It checks the validity of last char in fiscal code string that is a control char calculated by an algorithm. main function is "checkFiscCode" this is a first version that I've posted Remember it checks the sintax of fiscal code ...
May 20th 2008   11k
Complete, general form validation
This script is a combination of a lot of common form validation elements - checking for non-entries, image swaping to indicate invalid entries, focusing on invalid fields, and feedback to the user through an alert box. I got tired of ...
March 20th 2008   6k
Easy Query String
This little html document reads value from the Query String to be used in javascripts. I made this script for a friend who needed a way to get query string value from forms using javascript, without having to worry about ...
March 10th 2007   1k
A - Z Form Validator
Validating the form elements
March 30th 2006   1k
A good email validation
Here is a script that checks for the validity of email, avoiding invalid characters, position of @ and . dot and domian name is checked for the well known domains such as .com, .net or else and restricts the user ...
March 30th 2006   2k
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