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Bhushan3DCubE is most interesting part of 3D animation Move your mouse cursor over the cube and its rotation will roughly follow the movement of the mouse. Click once to bring any of the faces forward. Once a face is locked ...
April 21st 2016   59k
Soothing Rain
Soothing Rain Drops. Includes three classes. SRainDrop, SRainPanel, and SRainFrame. All classes are commented, but the code is simple enough. The Rain Drops fall into a pond and leave a circle. See screen shot. Please leave comments. Thank you.
May 20th 2010   5k
Billiard Balls
Any number of balls (specified by a constant) will bounce around the screen, bouncing off of each other and the walls with perfectly elastic collisions. Uses a thread to control the balls and double buffering to repaint without flickering. The ...
December 15th 2007   5k
Bounce Ball - Project2
Bounces 2 balls around the screen. Can be easily modified to allow more than 2 balls. The user can adjust the speed of the balls seperately while the program is running.
November 1st 2007   8k
a 3d Shapes using math object
This code generats nice 3d shapes using the Math.cos and Math.sin objects. i think every programmer should play with those, i tell my students to try and make a char like '*' go in circles around the screen.
April 1st 2006   3k
Magnifier lens that provides a way to enlarge items on the screen.
April 1st 2006   35k
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