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Basic Toggling Example
This small program named "Basic Toggling Example" purposed to demonstrate the idea that come in View/Hide button you can see in some sites.
August 31st 2014   53k
Andrew's Little Downloader
This is just a really simple java program that i made to download files. I remembers the directory that you want to download to and downloads really quickly, showing you the speed and the file size.
March 6th 2012   3k
Yahoo Account Maker
This code makes you yahoo mail accounts on the fly. Just type in a user and or password you want. It'll even tell you if it's taken or if there was an error. This uses multiple actions. It creates your ...
February 3rd 2010   6k
Applicant assessment
This code assesses an applicant's physical and personal background.
January 31st 2008   3k
A Basic HTTP Proxy in JAVA
Just for Fun
April 2nd 2006   10k
Protect your .js files - A true and effective way
After spending several weeks debuging a script, it's not nice knowing that any dumb web designer can steel your code without permission. This solution uses ASP and cookies to encrypt the code inside javascript functions. The key to decrypt the ...
April 2nd 2006   4k
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