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Delegation Event Model
This example will show you how to create an application that will update different view when you make any changes in the domain layers class.
July 4th 2009   12k
Floating email sender
This is a simple floating layer tht always stys in view. Visitors can send you email by clicking on it. You could replcae this with any other suitable picture or advert. Cookies can be set by user to prevent repeat ...
December 3rd 2008   2k
Scrolling Image
Using this script you can scroll an image in the "left" or "right" direction.
September 13th 2008   7k
Stationary Field
Fully customizable layer that stays put. Using JS,CSS,and DHTML it stays in its spot, rigidly hovering over it's place. Can be put anywhere on the page and can handle all HTML as long as its placed in the right spot. ...
February 9th 2008    
Dynamic Port Binder
To implement the concept of Dynamic Port Binder using two-tier application. Client will scan for desired server ports at run time and establish connection.
January 24th 2008   2k
Hide Combos Under DIV For IE
Hide select boxes under DIV. This can be used to prevent comboboxes look through (make holes) in DIV tags in Internet Explorer. This is useful when designing floating menus or other DHTML effects .This function need only work in IE.
November 12th 2007   2k
Image Zoom Out
In this Script when you move you click on the following image, the image size will decrease gradually (i.e the image will zoom out) and will finally disappear. The script is very easy to customize. Here the event that calls ...
October 2nd 2007   7k
Multi-Threaded Server
To implement the concept of multi threaded Data-server, that respond and handel multiple clients by assigning each a single thread. This also implements JDBC for retrieving data through database as requested by client.
August 15th 2007   12k
Three-Tier Application
A simple 3-tier application using Client, Server and DataServer
June 16th 2007   13k
Thumb Plus
Thumb Plus is a Script, that views small pictures on a webpage, but when you click on it, the big picture is showed. When you click on the big picture, it will be closed, and you will see the Webpage. ...
May 22nd 2007   68k
a sample TCP
This code shows a simple TCP which has checksum, error control, packet loss and simulation for a random network. You can give the time slice, packet loss, corrupt packet, and random number range. The time slice indicates the time it ...
April 2nd 2006   11k
BasicClientServe r
Implement basic client-server communication
April 2nd 2006   2k
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