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Nice-looking Login Menu
Hello. I'm a beginner in Java. I love programming but I'm into graphic design too. So, I love to see my program looking nice & smart =) I decided to made this login menu. It has 2 login options-admin & ...
May 31st 2010   176k
Temperature Conversions
This sample application simply converts Farenheit to Celcius and vice-versa. The main focus of this program is to demonstrate the use of menus. Please take note that you CANNOT actually Open or Save anything at all. As always, the main ...
May 12th 2010   7k
XML Tree II - Explorer Mode
XSL template for transforming an XML file into a windows explorer-like HTML page. Fully customizable and excellent for learning XSL Transformations The tree nodes can have HTML Hyperlink attibutes such as href, onclick, target. Although the stylesheet will work with ...
March 6th 2010   40k
XP Nav Menu
Replicates the office xp menu in pure javascript. It is cross browser compatable and has been fully tested. There is a short tutorial on how to use the menu and how the script is structured and what to use. Any ...
January 4th 2010   335k
Mimics An Office Xp Menu. Fixed gaps within selected menu borders, and added shadow and fade-in effects on IE browsers. Added script generator. For installation, refer to sample html example.
December 12th 2009   8k
MUST SEE *ScrollBars!*
This amazing code will change the color/size of scrollbars to give your page a AMAZING look.
This HAS NOT been tested in Netscape!! all of the code is in the .zip file and is only a .css and .html file!!!
December 28th 2008   1k
DBL click to fade in very nice
DBL click to fade in very nice - When you double click the screen a menu fades in very nice a few bugs
July 16th 2008    
DHTML - Hierarchical Menu using JavaScript and object-oriented concept.
May 24th 2008   9k
Drop Down Menus DHTML
Website Navigation / Menus:
Cross browser, automatic positioning, large menus can be added with minimal change in the file size, comma separated arrays can be built easily via ASP/JSP/Perl/ect.
January 7th 2008   26k
Dropdown Menu
By making just a few simple function calls, any website can have a full dropdown menu from which users can navigate. There can be any number of individual menus on a page, so there are few limitations. The type of ...
September 20th 2007   11k
Expandable TOC
The Expandable Table of Contents is a script, which allows the creation of dynamic navigation systems. The user clicks on a root item, which then expands to reveal several new subtopics. This script is very simple to implement; requiring only ...
August 1st 2007   9k
Handy XP Style Menu
This is a pretty menu in XP Style. Easy to setup, higly customizable. If you find it useful, please rate for me!!!
May 31st 2007   58k
JavaScript Context Menu Library
This is a JavaScript library, which allows the web developer to easily add a context menu to his website. It provides an easy way for the user to navigate the site, and also prevents the user from accessing the default ...
May 19th 2007   6k
Right Click Menu (Multi-level Context Menu)
VSContextMenu 1.0 Allows you to create multi-level context menu and populate it right on your web pages. Designed for web programmers.
January 27th 2007   3k
Web Listbar
This code will help you organize your support content (Links, news flash, Top 10). This mimics the common Listbars that you will find in other Desktop application languages like VB. Since it uses standard HTML as it's content, the sky ...
April 6th 2006   7k
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