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Trap JavaScript Errors
I needed a way to trap an error in javascript code. I was resizing my web form and moving it to the top, but it would throw an error if ever brought up inside an iframe. This snippet will stop ...
March 18th 2010    
Window status changer
Calls a function to change the window status text to the name of the link on mouse over, and to something else on mouse out.
September 16th 2009   1k
CButton(F1.0) Java Applet
CButton, Command Button, is a Java applet written by Mark Qian. It works as a command button with pictures and scrolling and muilt-line caption. It also provides sound when mouse over or click. Its on_click parameter allows you open a ...
August 14th 2008   15k
Auto Edit Text
This code allows you to edit text inside a site by double clicking on it... it can be saved in a database or inside a text file when applied to specific purposes...
June 24th 2007   1k
A Matrix Code Example
This is my attempt at a "The Matrix" look alike, i think its pretty good.
April 3rd 2006   8k
Move Text with Mouse
Move Text Message with mouse move
April 3rd 2006   2k
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