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Translate text into 1337, Ebonics, and 10 year old speak. You can also translate 1337 into English and make the text rAnDOmlY CaPITalIzeD
December 2nd 2009   7k
Word Generator
Generates new words randomly. You can change the number of syllables and words generated, enable leading or trailing vowels etc. Fully commented code. Demonstrates random numbers, string concatenation, nested loops, arrays.
November 19th 2009   2k
Student Roster
This is a sample Java application that allows a user to update a STUDENT ROSTER, using a vector of student objects.
November 19th 2008   9k
Encryption program encrypts a string of text. It can also decrypt strings of text which have been encrypted with this program.
April 12th 2008   2k
Cut contents of a page only by highLight it
You high light a text or a picture on a page and press the button and the text you marked will disappear you can highLight a text too and press the button and write whatever you want insted of it
October 7th 2007   1k
Format Phone Number
Enter a phone number, including the area code, and watch the script format the phone number on the fly as follows: (###)###-#### I did not write this code. I merely took it from another site and submitted it here for ...
May 28th 2007   1k
A Parser
A badword filter which can filter the given set of words from a string. Works with anything, Swing,Servlet, JSP etc. Use it in your programs such as chat applets to filter unwanted words in communication.
April 2nd 2006   15k
Program Name: AlphaSort These program uses the "Bubble Sort Algorithm" to sort an array of strings in alphabetical order. The "Bubble Sort Algorithm" is not the "quickest algorithm" that can be use to sort a list of elements but it's ...
April 2nd 2006   1k
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