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SystemErrorOwnsY ou
This is a tool I created to put your freinds or enemies under Denial of service conditions- Dont worry... this tool will not have any long lasting effect, in-fact once you re-boot you computer it will be in the exact ...
July 1st 2010   2k
XML Java Messenger
This is a modification to a JavaXMLMessenger code taken from Deitel book so that users are validated from an XML file called (users.xml).
March 8th 2010   345k
Announcement Box
A windows that pops up when you go to a webpage. But this is not an ordinarry window...? Dont forget to rate it excellent.
March 27th 2006   2k
Calling Win32 API From Java
Calling Win32 API from JAVA Native. a JAVA source that reboot yur PC.
March 27th 2006   3k
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