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PHPASM - script language interpreter
This is an implementation of a script language with a syntax that is very assembler-like. It includes 2 similar versions. One with a web-frontend included, and one without... check this out, it will wake up your mind ;)
March 21st 2017   2k
PHP pagerank checker
check Google pagerank, Technorati data, Alexa data, Google indexed/backlink, Yahoo indexed/backlink, MSN indexed, AllTheWeb search result, Altavista search result, Exactrank data, Googlebot last access, blogworth and DMOZ listing for your blog/site
February 11th 2016   4k
Aridentifier arabic to english
Converting Arabic to English
January 27th 2013   107k
Neat Encrypt/Decrypt Functions
Encode and Decode a string using an encryption key. Comments included inside the source codes.
September 22nd 2012   1k
Base 64
Base 64 is an encryption algorithims still used by many services. Very easy to decode and encode with php. I wrote this little script to give myself a quick method! If you can easily encrypt, they can decrypt it.
September 15th 2012   1k
Alphabet Link Writer
Alpabet links writer..
July 11th 2012    
Routing and Remote Access Connection Manager
THe Routing And Remote access program is a program written for small companies in my local area that wanted more security on their employees, but also wanted them to be able to fix connections when they went down. This program ...
December 23rd 2010   7k
Scanner Interface
Interface for hand-held Keyboard Wedge Scanner, transferring real-time info to PC.
December 5th 2010   24k
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