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Find Date
Relative to the i_date_and_time input, this PL/SQL stored function returns a wide variety of dates via just a handful of IN parameters. With SQL*Plus test script.
September 21st 2013   4k
This code adds hours, minutes, seconds or mili seconds to the time part of the specified date time. This function works similar as sql server DATEADD function How to use: TIMEADD(CurrentDatetime, Hours to add, Minutes to add, Seconds to add, ...
July 27th 2010   1k
Validate Date (ISO format YYYYMMDD)
This little exception-driven PL/SQL stored function returns Y or N to indicate whether or not the input date (in ISO format YYYYMMDD) is valid. Includes a second, more "generic", version.
September 17th 2009   1k
Have N Years Elapsed
This PL/SQL stored function returns Y or N to indicate whether or not a specified number of years (in_years) has elapsed, or will elapse, from the start of in_date1 to the start of in_date2. With SQL*Plus test harness.
July 9th 2007   1k
Calendar is a PL/SQL stored procedure that displays a 12-month calendar for the input year upon SQL*Plus execution. (This is a modified version of Sergio Rueda's 7/25/2002 "calproc.sql" Planet Source Code submission).
May 3rd 2006   2k
Compute Age
This PL/SQL stored procedure returns a person's age in whole years. It returns the number of whole years between two dates, and will also validate a date. Includes a stored function version.
May 3rd 2006   2k
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