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Base Conversion Utility
Converts a value from one customized base set to another. No longer are you bound to strict rules. zero does not necesarily have to represent nothing ... even create numbers in DNA (base-4 gatc). Try it out and see what ...
May 24th 2016   54k
VSA Demo
Class to make using VSA allot easier. This class can execute a script, expose objects from the application to the script and also execute individual methods inside a script. Class also supports either JScript or VBScript (.Net versions).
April 5th 2011   13k
Jaser A.Mahmoud
this is a solution for the XOR problem using Neural networks, you can edit it to find the OR, AND, or any Logical Operation, with simple modification you can make it work for anything!
April 2nd 2011   17k
Keyboard Macro Recorder
This is a very basic macro recorder using the keybd_event to capture events and is capable of writing the recorded events to a file. The program also is capable of loading a macro file and playing back the events.
May 21st 2009   43k
CPU Algorithm(SRTF)
This is an algorithm for CPU scheduling named SRTF(Shortest Remaining Time First) or preemptive SJF(Shortest Job First)
March 21st 2009   9k
Deepth First Algorithm
A Simple Example That Explain How To Use Deepth First Algorithm With Tree Data Strcuture :)
January 24th 2009   38k
Convertion Factors
Convert hydraulic units: Flow, Kinematic Viscosity, Pressure, Power and Length from and to MSI and Anglo-Saxon metric system
June 18th 2007   8k
Cryptography SEF8 (custom format)
This shows you how to make your own encryption format this is supports 8-512bit Encryption, the class is easy to use and is fast, it is intened for web use, there is an example of how to use it for ...
May 31st 2007   8k
Dynamic Event Handling By Emitting MSIL @ RunTime!
This code allows you to attach a function to any event! It generates a MSIL code method that matches the event delegate to call your function. I haven't seen any code out there that does this yet. It works for ...
March 28th 2007   1k
A* Pathfinding Example in VB.Net
This is a A* pathfinding example to illustrate how to implement a A* pathfinding algorithm into your program. It's a port from Patrick Lesters example in BlitzBasic to VB.Net. It uses a Binary Heap class I made to sort the ...
August 7th 2006   12k
Encrypt and decrypt data with 256 bits.
Encrypt and decrypt data with 256 bits.
August 6th 2006   29k
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